...and as they sprouted, my life, too, began to GROW again!

The implications of such a radical insight are vast, and hardly conceivable from where most of us are stuck. I moved out along the trail it opened for me, into a magical journey of fulfillment and discovery that took me through one fascinating adventure after another -- each expanding the vision, each elaborating the proof of a personalized reality in different ways.

But this is not the place for further detail. The expanse of my writing awaits you for that -- I mean only to offer, here, an invitational introduction, which has largely been taken care of.

You have an option, now, either a direct track to the staging area, from the link below, or -- if you'd rather finish with these preliminaries, there is a side-track detour that will take you to my dedication and anniversary page, and then to the staging area.


The direct track moves on to an outline of the site's organizational structure -- what it contains, and the several framework options you have for exploring it. Save your bookmarking for that next portion, for it constitutes an all-purpose

Staging Area

...alternatively, you can take

The side-track -- a brief detour for the dedication of the site, which is also the anniversary marker: a page that I shall return to every year at this April time, for an annual notice that I am still around, maintaining the premises and continuing to add material to it.

The Detour