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The Venue Quadrant

Material on site arranged according to Venue of Publication

All of the material to be found on this site is linked, here, according to the original venue of its publication -- or, in the case of non-published material, by an indicated category. I use the term 'published' to mean circulated or distributed for a public readership, as well as formal publication, so that the following basic arrangement covers everything I have written:
  • a) self-published material;
  • b) material that first appeared in periodicals of other publishers;
  • c) never published material written with publication in mind, and
  • d) never published material . . . never intended for publication.

The links below, listed according to the four venue ranges, are of two kinds. Those in bold face signify a collection of material: either many issues of a publication, or chapters in a book, or some similar assortment that goes together. These links will take you to a sub-list with greater detail of its own, as to that assortment and the pieces that comprise it. Where there is no bold face, the piece is not part of a series, and generally no further introduction is needed. For some of the bold face categories, the work of getting the material up on the web has barely begun. But it has begun, if you see it listed here, and you'll find further annotation in each such section, as to what is in prospect.

The 'non-venued' material -- the last two categories -- has never been put out for general readership. Some of it was meant to be, some (like letters and class papers) may have been for a very limited audience, but a substantial part will consist of personal journaling, annual summaries and partially complete work that seems to have some archival value. Each such will be given some advance description at an appropriate point. Here, they are merely listed and linked, with the briefest of detail.






NEVER PUBLISHED MATERIAL (I) - written with publication in mind


NEVER PUBLISHED MATERIAL (II) - never intended for publication



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