The Writings of Irv Thomas On Cycles and the Seasonal life, time and aging, understanding life through its cyclic patterns, its connection to nature, developing a seasonal awareness, the seven-year cycle, seasonal points of passage, how to know them and see their occurrence in different time-frames, etc.

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Cycles and the Seasonal life

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Index #1 - Consciousness and Reality

Index #2 - this is where you are

Index #3 - Personal Change and Growth

Index #4 - Simple Living and Poverty as a choice

Index #5 - Right Livelihood and Work

Index #6 - Social Concerns and Community

Index #7 - Culture and the Ways of the World

Index #8 - Technology and Science

Index #9 - The Playful, Creative Self

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August - (see Time of year/life)

Archetype of Ripening
- descriptive summary, in brief RS..97
- resources for study RS.97
- theory of, major treatment RS...97

January - (see Time of year/life)

Months, specific - (see Time of year/life)

Morning - (see Time of day) #

- as an inner experience RS..97

Season thrust RS..97

Seasonal cycle
(see also: Archetype of Ripening)
- discovery of RS.97
- overview (as an intended book opener) RS...97
- pattern described RS..98
- personal nature of RS..97
- 'self-fulfilling prophecy' considered RS.98

Seasonal lore
- Groundhog day RS.97

Seasons, specific - (see Time of year/life)

September - (see (see Time of year/life)

Septide (seven years as a cycle)
- theory explored RS..97

Time of day
- morning RS..97

Time of year/life
- Spring RS...97
- Summer RS..97
- Winter RS.97, RS.97
- January RS..97
- August RS.97
- September RS.97
- December RS.96