The Writings of Irv Thomas On Social concerns and community, housing, homelessness, social activism, helping others, 'giving back' to the world, our part to play in a Providential Universe, seeing the collective process as a personal support function, as a way of countering the ego, as an expression and fulfillment of community, etc.

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Social concerns and community

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Index #1 - Consciousness and Reality

Index #2 - Cycles and the Seasonal Life

Index #3 - Personal Change and Growth

Index #4 - Simple Living and Poverty as a choice

Index #5 - Right Livelihood and Work

Index #6 - this is where you are

Index #7 - Culture and the Ways of the World

Index #8 - Technology and Science

Index #9 - The Playful, Creative Self

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--- first year, recap RS...96
- vs, passivism (as a growth medium)
--- reflections, on the death of Danaan Parry RS.96

- need for, as validation RS.97

- Danaan Parry's death RS.96

- for seniors in Seattle (SSHP) - my 'war' RS...98
--- the first year, recap RS...96

Muckrakers, American activists known as
- background and development RS..97